Defusing Stress

Life is a madcap, Cannonball Run-like race these days. We all have too many things to do and too little time in which to do them. Family responsibilities, work duties, and social obligations can pull us in a thousand different directions all at once. That can really stress a brother (or sister) out.

Stress is very detrimental to your wellbeing. Not can it cause you to lose focus in you life, it can contribute to serious medical conditions. So, before stress grinds you into paste, try some of these ideas out and send stress packing.

  • Laugh it up – Laughter facilitates a change in body chemistry that makes you feel good. Plus, learning to laugh at the challenges in your life can help you to better deal with them.
  • Eat healthy – Healthy, well-nourished bodies have more energy and are better prepared to cope with stressful issues, so eat well-balanced meals.
  • Work up a sweat – Exercise is one of the most effective ways to alleviate stress. Try to carve out 30 minutes at least three times a week to get your heart rate going and you’ll cut a good deal of stress out of your life. Walking is a great place to start.
  • Prepare for tomorrow today – If you know you’re ready for your day, you’re going to stress less. You’ll feel like you’re more in control and can handle what the day’s gonna throw at you.
  • Ditch the gadgets – When your cell phone keeps blowing up, it can interrupt your routine and stress you out. So, shut off your phone, turn off your ringer, and unplug your land line. You’ll be surprised how much you calm down when people can’t bother you.
  • Let your feelings out – Keeping your feelings bottled up can make you sick. Don’t keep it all inside. Tell a friend or a family member. If you can’t do that, write it down. Do whatever you need to, but get it out.
  • Help somebody – Serving other will help you to forget about your own problems. On top of that, you’ll have the satisfaction of doing something nice for someone else.
  • Turn on the tunes – Music soothes you and distracts from your problems. Plus, there’s something comforting about hearing a song you relate to and recognizing there are other people out there who understand how you feel.
  • Play with furry friends – Playing with your pets can reduce your blood pressure and calm you down.
  • Manage your time – Try to set up your schedule and accomplish your tasks in a timely enough manner so that you don’t have a million things pressing down on you at once.
  • Cussing and chocolate – Cussing helps to blow off steam, and it doesn’t cost anything. And dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which help lower blood pressure.