Deliciously Healthy Desserts

You have had your low-fat main course, your slim­ming salad, and now you are crav­ing that ice cream at the back of the freezer or that candy bar in your drawer. We all want to eat healthy, but some­times we just have to have that sweet dessert. Here are 10 desserts that will sat­isfy that sweet tooth and still keep your goal of eat­ing healthy.

Banana-Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet Grilled Peaches

Car­rot Cake II

Straw­berry Shortcakes

Can­taloupe Sherbet

Mango-Lime Ice

Minted Water­melon and Lemon Ice Pops

Fudgy Brown­ies

Caramel Apple Oat­meal Cookies

Crema Cata­lana (sim­i­lar to Crème Brulee)