Finding Peace of Mind

Con­tem­po­rary life is a rush of chaotic, dis­parate events that push and pull us to and fro and causes much dis­tress. Many peo­ple are seek­ing a way to quiet down their minds, bring­ing much-needed peace to their day-to-day exis­tences. Peace of mind is one of the most sought-after com­modi­ties in mod­ern society.

While peace of mind is much-pursued, it is also elu­sive and fleet­ing. Main­tain­ing inner peace can seem like a nearly insur­mount­able task with so many stres­sors and dis­trac­tions assail­ing us every day. With so much con­stantly being thrown at you, how does one find and main­tain peace of mind? Here are a few tips:

  • Let go of your vision of how you want things to be — An old cliché holds that life is what hap­pens when you’re mak­ing other plans. Life has a habit of not quite devel­op­ing the way you imag­ine it will. That’s okay. But rail­ing against the uni­verse when life doesn’t pan out doesn’t do any­thing but make you angry and depressed. Learn to be open to new devel­op­ments and you will be much more at peace.
  • Accept what you can­not con­trol — It is not within your abil­ity to direct every aspect of your life. Some things you have con­trol over, like your atti­tude and your actions. Other things, like the actions of oth­ers, you can’t con­trol. The key is to learn to accept that you aren’t the one call­ing the shots all the time and give up strug­gling to con­trol every­thing. Remem­ber, the uni­verse tends to unfold as it should.
  • For­give and for­get — Noth­ing chases away your peace of mind like hold­ing a grudge. Insult and injury that hap­pen to us once can con­tinue to dam­age us for as long as we let them. Learn to for­give oth­ers for what they do. And once you’ve for­given them, for­get the tres­pass ever hap­pened. That will allow you to move for­ward with­out poi­son­ing you fur­ther down the line.
  • Stay out of other peo­ples’ busi­ness — Remem­ber that stuff about not try­ing to con­trol every­thing? Well, peo­ple are impos­si­ble to con­trol. It’s proper to care about what hap­pens to friends and loved ones but not to try to force them to do or think what you want them to do or think. Besides, try­ing to make peo­ple think the way you do is an arro­gant endeavor, as it implies you think you know every­thing, and no one does. You’ll be hap­pier if you let peo­ple be themselves.
  • Don’t seek recog­ni­tion — The praise of oth­ers is hard to come by and doesn’t last long. Don’t define your­self by what oth­ers think of you. You’ll never find val­i­da­tion or peace unless it comes from inside you.
  • Don’t live accord­ing to the expec­ta­tions of oth­ers. — You know what’s best for you. Fol­low your heart and don’t try to please the oth­ers around you. You’ll never find peace that way and you’ll do the per­son you are a huge disservice.
  • Ded­i­cate some time to cre­ative pur­suits — Devel­op­ing your cre­ative tal­ents help bet­ter define who you are and help you to release much pent-up distress.
  • Exer­cise and med­i­tate — Both exer­cise and med­i­ta­tion help to quiet your mind and fos­ter a peace­ful state of mind. Reg­u­lar par­tic­i­pa­tion will also help you develop dis­ci­pline you need to keep track of and con­trol your thoughts.
  • Dis­pel neg­a­tiv­ity — There is no room in the peace­ful mind for neg­a­tive thoughts. If you feel a neg­a­tive thought sur­fac­ing, replace it as soon as pos­si­ble with a pos­i­tive thought. Limit your expo­sure to neg­a­tive sit­u­a­tions and peo­ple. It’s hard to stay pos­i­tive when you’re immersed in negativity.
  • Take time to appre­ci­ate the beauty of life – and of your­self — Not every­thing in life is ugly. Give a look to the starry night sky. Spend some time tak­ing in the beauty of nature. Tak­ing time to look around you often tends to calm the mind. And appre­ci­ate who you are. No two peo­ple on the planet are exactly the same. That makes you unbe­liev­ably unique and that’s some­thing to cherish.