Finding Your Motivation

To go to the gym or not go to the gym

To go to the gym or NOT go to the gym, that is the ques­tion. If you ask your­self this ques­tion, you’re not alone. I’ve noticed that as I’ve got­ten older that it gets eas­ier to drive by the gym and hit a fast food joint than to actu­ally stop and go inside to get my sweat on. For many of us, find­ing the moti­va­tion to go to the gym can some­times be the hard­est part of begin­ning or stay­ing with a work­out rou­tine. I find that once I’m in the gym and get started with my work­out, all is golden. It’s find­ing the moti­va­tion to get there that I strug­gle with some days. If you strug­gle with this as well then take a look at THIS arti­cle I found. These are 5 tools to use to stay moti­vated and exer­cise reg­u­larly. Let’s face it, even a crumby work­out where you didn’t feel or do your best is bet­ter than not work­ing out at all. I have found at least 3 of these tips work for me and hope­fully can work for you as well. Take a look at it and maybe we’ll see each other at the gym.…..or at McDonald’s. =)