Free Weights Vs Machine

Chest Workout with cables

So what exactly is the advantage of free weights over machines or vice versa? I had a great conversation with Gold’s Gym trainer Chance Muntean, and he shed some light on it. If you are looking to build muscle strength then weight machines may be the way to go. If you are looking to build muscle tone and symmetry, than free weight dumbells would be ideal. Free weights are great for isolating muscle groups and building definition as well as toning up. Strength and muscle growth tend to increase with a nice weight machine routine. As always, consult with a doctor, or personal trainer before starting an exercise program. Machines and free weights both provide an excellent regimen when done properly and consistently. I try to combine the two and work with them on alternating days or weeks. So it really depends on what you are looking to accomplish fitness wise that will determine which program will suit you best. One of the best things I ever did was work out with a trainer at Gold’s Gym to get a feel of what works best for me. I’d encourage you to do the same. Remember, it’s not quantity, it’s quality. Have a great Thanksgiving and I’ll see you at the gym this weekend to burn it all off ……..right? Haha =)