Healthy Eating Tips from Around the World

We Amer­i­cans like to think of our­selves as a world leader, and in many respects we are. That unfor­tu­nately includes obe­sity. Some­times, it can pay div­i­dends to look around and see what your neigh­bors are doing and what you might learn from them. When it comes to eat­ing healthy, out inter­na­tional friends can teach us plenty!

From Our Asian Friends

Cit­i­zens of coun­tries like Japan and China enjoy a fairly low rate of obe­sity for sev­eral rea­sons. One rea­son is that they eat much smaller por­tions than we in the U.S. do. Typ­i­cal Asian dietary sta­ples are also extremely healthy. Take sushi, for exam­ple. It’s low in sat­u­rated fats, high in fiber, vit­a­mins, and min­er­als. It’s also packed with Omega-3 fatty acids from the fish. Rice is a good source of car­bo­hy­drates that’s also very fill­ing, while sea­weed and tofu are full of protein.

From Our Scan­di­na­vian Friends

Many Scan­di­na­vian cities are laid out for walk­ing and cycling, thus giv­ing cit­i­zens a work­out on their way to and from work. Scan­di­na­vian folks also eat a lot of fish, which is a great source of pro­tein with­out excess fat. They also main­tain active, healthy lifestyles, in con­trast to the rel­a­tively seden­tary lifestyles many Amer­i­cans lead.

From Out Mediter­ranean Friends

Inhab­i­tants of Mediter­ranean nations like France, Italy, and Greece eat a great vari­ety of veg­eta­bles and herbs, many times shop­ping for fresh local pro­duce to use in meal prep. They use healthy fat, like olive oil, in their foods and employ very bal­anced eat­ing habits. They rarely eat processed foods. They also eat more slowly and really savor their food, which makes food more sat­is­fy­ing. And they show restraint in their in-between-meal snack­ing, stay­ing away from sug­ary snacks.

A Few Other Tips

  1. Eat at home more than you eat out. (Poland)
  2. Chow down on the rice and beans. (Brazil)
  3. Using spices can make food more sat­is­fy­ing. (Asia)
  4. Get nutty. Nuts are loaded with pro­tein and healthy fat, mak­ing them a good replace­ment for fatty meats. (Africa)
  5. Go large at lunch. Make lunch the biggest meal of the day. This will give you more time to break all that food down. (Europe and Mexico)