More reps, less weight, or more weight, less reps?

I have been hit­ting the gym for some time now and I have found that some peo­ple still debate over the age old gym ques­tion, “more reps, less weight, or more weight, less reps?” It really depends on you but I remem­ber read­ing this arti­cle a while back from “Built Lean”, and found that it hits the nail on the head. Both ways can be ben­e­fi­cial to your body depend­ing on what direc­tion you want to take it. As I get older I have found that less weight, and more reps works great for me not only to take care of ten­dons and lig­a­ments, but to also increase my heart rate as well as increase my car­dio. Just remem­ber, what­ever work­out you do, lis­ten to your body. Who­ever said “no pain, no gain”, never had a hernia. =)02A146R1