Music playing on our Emotions

Think back to the last song you lis­tened to. What was it? What was the genre of music? How did you feel at that time? For many peo­ple, music is an out­let for emo­tions. What you lis­ten to can reflect how you are feel­ing, or even influ­ence how you feel. Think about when you lis­ten to upbeat music. Do you feel happy and ener­getic? What about when you lis­ten to slow music? Does the music soothe you or make you sad? Does loud, fast music make you feel angry or aggres­sive? Stud­ies done by researchers have shown that music has a cor­re­la­tion to how we feel.

The types of music we lis­ten to can tell us more about our less-obvious feel­ings. Accord­ing to Psych Cen­tral, when we lis­ten to spe­cific gen­res of music, they can show what we are uncon­sciously feel­ing. For those who lis­ten to upbeat music but are usu­ally sad can be hav­ing prob­lems with depres­sion where the music is the only thing that can help them feel happy. For those who are usu­ally laid-back but lis­ten to loud, fast-paced music may be avoid­ing anger issues. Look at what you com­monly lis­ten to. What does it say about you?

Another thing researchers have found is that music can make us happy. In some stud­ies, peo­ple were hap­pier when they were lis­ten­ing to upbeat music. In other stud­ies where peo­ple had to point out smi­ley faces and frown­ing faces, researchers found that the peo­ple saw more smi­ley faces when lis­ten­ing to upbeat music, and frown­ing faces when lis­ten­ing to slower, sad music. What you lis­ten to helps your atti­tude. If you are feel­ing sad or unen­er­getic, put on some ener­getic music. You will be ener­gized, and feel bet­ter about what­ever sit­u­a­tion you are going through. We lis­ten to what we want to feel.