Music playing on our Emotions

Think back to the last song you listened to. What was it? What was the genre of music? How did you feel at that time? For many people, music is an outlet for emotions. What you listen to can reflect how you are feeling, or even influence how you feel. Think about when you listen to upbeat music. Do you feel happy and energetic? What about when you listen to slow music? Does the music soothe you or make you sad? Does loud, fast music make you feel angry or aggressive? Studies done by researchers have shown that music has a correlation to how we feel.

The types of music we listen to can tell us more about our less-obvious feelings. According to Psych Central, when we listen to specific genres of music, they can show what we are unconsciously feeling. For those who listen to upbeat music but are usually sad can be having problems with depression where the music is the only thing that can help them feel happy. For those who are usually laid-back but listen to loud, fast-paced music may be avoiding anger issues. Look at what you commonly listen to. What does it say about you?

Another thing researchers have found is that music can make us happy. In some studies, people were happier when they were listening to upbeat music. In other studies where people had to point out smiley faces and frowning faces, researchers found that the people saw more smiley faces when listening to upbeat music, and frowning faces when listening to slower, sad music. What you listen to helps your attitude. If you are feeling sad or unenergetic, put on some energetic music. You will be energized, and feel better about whatever situation you are going through. We listen to what we want to feel.