No weights, no gym, no problem!

Workiing out at your desk

I have to admit, when I first heard about being able to work­out at your desk or at work I shrugged my shoul­ders and said, “yeah, what­ever”. Then  I tried it and was sur­prised at the results. A co-worker told me about this arti­cle she found at Dis­cov­ery Health and promised me I would get some­thing out of it. I did get some­thing out of the work­out, and it was results. My abs, arms, legs, and upper body received a nice lit­tle work­out that I could feel. My old­est brother is a fit­ness guru and he has always told me, “Kelly, it’s not about the work­out equip­ment you don’t have, it’s about WHAT you do with what YOU have.” Words have never been more true about this arti­cle and work­out. Give it a try! I mean what do you have to lose, except calo­ries right? =)