RapidFit Workout

Okay, so I was look­ing for a new work­out and Justin & Chance of Gold’s Gym found me one. Want to burn a ton of calo­ries in a short amount of time. Check this video out and find out how! It’s a new work­out rou­tine they have at Gold’s Gym in Pocatello and it’s called Rapid­Fit! After doing the work­out I can see why! As always, con­sult with your doc­tor or a trainer before start­ing any exer­cise pro­gram. Take what you want from the work­out and set it at YOUR own pace. I loved it and will def­i­nitely be doing more of these work­outs in the future! Thanks Justin & Chance and Gold’s Gym. HERE is the video.…keep the laugh­ing to a min­i­mal please. =)