Saving Your Skin from Winter

Temperatures outside are dropping faster than the snow is falling from the sky. You’re feeling it, especially on your skin. Not only are cold, but your skin is dry, cracking, peeling, and even itching. Don’t worry. You can fight back against the cold, dry embrace of Jack Frost and keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful. And here are a few tips on how to do just that:

  • Use sunscreen. Just because the sun isn’t at full power during the winter, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your skin against damaging radiation.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Water help plump up your skin cells, so sipping on something liquid throughout the day to help keep your skin supple and healthy.
  • Exfoliate often. You need to remove dead skin cells to make way for new ones. Regular exfoliation will help you do just that!
  • Use the right moisturizer. You may want to go with a heavier moisturizer to counteract effects of wind and the cold.
  • Love your hands. Your hands don’t have as many oil glands, meaning it can be a chore to keep them moisturized in cold, dry weather. Keep your hands protected by wearing gloves.
  • Get humid. You can keep your living environment from contributing to winter skin woes by placing small humidifiers throughout your house. That will help counteract heaters and central air systems that blow hot air through your home and keep your skin moist and happy.