Stretching for Weight Loss

Stretch­ing your mus­cles is an impor­tant part of a work­out rou­tine. It preps your mus­cles for intense use and helps alle­vi­ate the risk of injury. But, can it help you lose weight all on its own?

Typ­i­cally, stretch­ing alone does not lead to weight loss. Weight loss is most suc­cess­fully facil­i­tated by car­dio­vas­cu­lar exer­cise. But stretch­ing can ready your body for exer­cises that pro­mote weight loss. It helps mus­cles work to their full poten­tial, and in that way, stretch­ing does help you to lose weight.

Another way stretch­ing can help you lose weight is by slow­ing you down so you’re not in such a hurry to eat. When you rush eat­ing, you may eat too much. Stretch­ing also helps relax you, so you don’t stress eat and it sharp­ens your senses so your food is more satisfying.

Finally, stretch­ing is bet­ter than doing noth­ing. If you don’t have time to do a full-blown work­out, a stretch­ing ses­sion can be an effec­tive sub­sti­tute until you do have time for a full work­out. It gets you mov­ing and gets your blood flow­ing, which doesn’t hap­pen when you’re stuck sit­ting in front of your com­puter at work.

So, while stretch­ing on its own may not lead to much weight loss, it can help the weight loss process along when part of a work­out rou­tine. Plus, it’s a good way to keep your­self lim­ber when you don’t have time to exercise.