When In Doubt, Ask A Pro

Justin and I

I’ve been working out off and on for a long time. My brother Ray started me in my teens, and with that being said I still don’t know what the best workouts are, or what is the best plan to lose weight. I found out long ago, when in doubt ask a pro. There is no shame in getting advice from a personal trainer. These people have paid their dues and spent many an hour studying nutrition, workout regimens, and stay up to the date with the latest in sports training. Whether you’re looking for nutritional information, exercise tips, or just need help with a lift, never be scared to approach a trainer and ask. Better to ask and get it right rather than stay silent and find out later you’ve been doing it wrong all along and that’s why you don’t see positive results. I’m not a trainer, nor do a claim to be one, but a lot of the information I have received over the years has helped me stay in shape, take care of my body, reduce my chance of injury, and get the most out of my workout while having fun. (or as much fun as one can have doing this crap…..haha) My friend Justin Akin is a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym in Pocatello and between him and the rest of their great staff of trainers I have managed to take off 14 lbs and put on more lean muscle in the last 5 months. Justin used to weigh 300 lbs and his body fat was in the thirty percentile. He decided to turn his life around, become a personal trainer and now weighs a little over 200 and has cut his body fat by 70%! So when I approach Justin with a question, I know he understands my struggles of maintaining weight loss as well as staying motivated to get into the gym. Not only does he specialize in weight loss and sports performance, he also focuses on core strength with women who have had children. If you feel you are ready to just sit down and put a weight loss and workout plan together, you should swing by Gold’s and talk to him. He has really helped me with some of the success I am seeing and I know he can help you too. Well I better get, I think that’s Justin calling me asking why I haven’t been in the gym today. =)