When In Doubt, Ask A Pro

Justin and I

I’ve been work­ing out off and on for a long time. My brother Ray started me in my teens, and with that being said I still don’t know what the best work­outs are, or what is the best plan to lose weight. I found out long ago, when in doubt ask a pro. There is no shame in get­ting advice from a per­sonal trainer. These peo­ple have paid their dues and spent many an hour study­ing nutri­tion, work­out reg­i­mens, and stay up to the date with the lat­est in sports train­ing. Whether you’re look­ing for nutri­tional infor­ma­tion, exer­cise tips, or just need help with a lift, never be scared to approach a trainer and ask. Bet­ter to ask and get it right rather than stay silent and find out later you’ve been doing it wrong all along and that’s why you don’t see pos­i­tive results. I’m not a trainer, nor do a claim to be one, but a lot of the infor­ma­tion I have received over the years has helped me stay in shape, take care of my body, reduce my chance of injury, and get the most out of my work­out while hav­ing fun. (or as much fun as one can have doing this crap.….haha) My friend Justin Akin is a per­sonal trainer at Gold’s Gym in Pocatello and between him and the rest of their great staff of train­ers I have man­aged to take off 14 lbs and put on more lean mus­cle in the last 5 months. Justin used to weigh 300 lbs and his body fat was in the thirty per­centile. He decided to turn his life around, become a per­sonal trainer and now weighs a lit­tle over 200 and has cut his body fat by 70%! So when I approach Justin with a ques­tion, I know he under­stands my strug­gles of main­tain­ing weight loss as well as stay­ing moti­vated to get into the gym. Not only does he spe­cial­ize in weight loss and sports per­for­mance, he also focuses on core strength with women who have had chil­dren. If you feel you are ready to just sit down and put a weight loss and work­out plan together, you should swing by Gold’s and talk to him. He has really helped me with some of the suc­cess I am see­ing and I know he can help you too. Well I bet­ter get, I think that’s Justin call­ing me ask­ing why I haven’t been in the gym today. =)