Will a dozen eggs a day keep the gas away?

August 28th, 2013 

Health BlogLet me intro­duce myself.  I am a diet addict.  I tend to be a lit­tle on the lazy side with my gym work­outs.  I like to cook if the Hubbs does it for me and cleans up after­ward.  I just kind of scut­tle about the kitchen, mov­ing things from one counter to another bark­ing out orders.  I LOVE sweets!  When I die, please note that I would like to have (at least) 1 gal­lon of both pep­per­mint ice cream and rain­bow frost­ing buried with me.  Even if it gives me gas (but I’ll be dead so no wor­ries there).  I recently dis­cov­ered I have an enor­mous amount of food aller­gies and now that I’m 40 I’m work­ing this whole thing out.

I am also your morn­ing show host on KBEAR 101 and food has always been my biggest neme­sis.  As one of the biggest hur­dles I’ve ever had to leap over; I’d like to share my miss-guided food jour­ney with you, my lis­tener. 

Mind you, even though I’ve touched down on every­thing from raw foods to a veg­e­tar­ian diet that con­sisted mostly of pota­toes, I am NO expert.  I don’t have any degrees in nutri­tion or health of any kind.  I’m just here to share and maybe give you good chuckle.

I can’t be the only one out there that has been on pos­si­bly every “diet” since their early teen years.  My mom was on the Egg Diet when I was barely in grade school.  That’s right, all she ate were eggs.  I never noticed but she must have had some ter­ri­ble gas.  At least she looked good.  I remem­ber her hav­ing me take a pic­ture in our back yard because she’d reached her goal weight of 124.  She looked really beau­ti­ful and I can still see that moment.  

When I was very young my work­out pref­er­ence was with The Mickey Mouse Club and “Mousercise!Truth be told I thought Mickey was kind of a fat mouse.  Even so, every Sat­ur­day morn­ing I would dawn my red, white and blue (go ‘Mer­ica) terry cloth head­band and head to my parent’s shag car­peted bed­room (lime green, no less), turn on the 13 inch TV and bust a gut along with a dozen other sweaty pre teens.

My mom always had a Jane Fonda, Richard Sim­mons or Kathy Smith exer­cise video on hand.  Jane Fonda’s perky demeanor and the way she sticks her butt in the air wasn’t appeal­ing to me, any­way.  Although I secretly wished I could look like her (Richard Sim­mons was NOT an option).  But didn’t every teenage girl grow­ing up in the 70’s? 

Here is a video that will either make you nos­tal­gic or say “what the hell?”