Will a dozen eggs a day keep the gas away?

August 28th, 2013 

Health BlogLet me introduce myself.  I am a diet addict.  I tend to be a little on the lazy side with my gym workouts.  I like to cook if the Hubbs does it for me and cleans up afterward.  I just kind of scuttle about the kitchen, moving things from one counter to another barking out orders.  I LOVE sweets!  When I die, please note that I would like to have (at least) 1 gallon of both peppermint ice cream and rainbow frosting buried with me.  Even if it gives me gas (but I’ll be dead so no worries there).  I recently discovered I have an enormous amount of food allergies and now that I’m 40 I’m working this whole thing out.

I am also your morning show host on KBEAR 101 and food has always been my biggest nemesis.  As one of the biggest hurdles I’ve ever had to leap over; I’d like to share my miss-guided food journey with you, my listener. 

Mind you, even though I’ve touched down on everything from raw foods to a vegetarian diet that consisted mostly of potatoes, I am NO expert.  I don’t have any degrees in nutrition or health of any kind.  I’m just here to share and maybe give you good chuckle.

I can’t be the only one out there that has been on possibly every “diet” since their early teen years.  My mom was on the Egg Diet when I was barely in grade school.  That’s right, all she ate were eggs.  I never noticed but she must have had some terrible gas.  At least she looked good.  I remember her having me take a picture in our back yard because she’d reached her goal weight of 124.  She looked really beautiful and I can still see that moment.  

When I was very young my workout preference was with The Mickey Mouse Club and “Mousercise!Truth be told I thought Mickey was kind of a fat mouse.  Even so, every Saturday morning I would dawn my red, white and blue (go ‘Merica) terry cloth headband and head to my parent’s shag carpeted bedroom (lime green, no less), turn on the 13 inch TV and bust a gut along with a dozen other sweaty pre teens.

My mom always had a Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons or Kathy Smith exercise video on hand.  Jane Fonda’s perky demeanor and the way she sticks her butt in the air wasn’t appealing to me, anyway.  Although I secretly wished I could look like her (Richard Simmons was NOT an option).  But didn’t every teenage girl growing up in the 70’s? 

Here is a video that will either make you nostalgic or say “what the hell?”