Yoga 2 feet above the ground? I gotta try this!

super fly fitness 6

You want me to do what??

I thought I had done every exer­cise out there.  Weights, yoga, Pilates, hik­ing, bik­ing, moun­tain climb­ing, med­i­cine balls, danc­ing and every­thing in between.  I was hardly pre­pared for what I would expe­ri­ence at my first Anti Grav­ity Yoga class.

Wait…doesn’t Anti Grav­ity tech­ni­cally mean “with­out” grav­ity?  Yes, and obvi­ously here on earth we can’t be 100% with­out it but this is darn close.

Sure I’ve done lots of yoga in my day but I was safe on my yoga mat…on the ground!

So, here’s what I dis­cov­ered (and will com­pare AGY to) and I’m sure I’m not alone when I describe the feel­ings I got when I played on the swings at recess as a kid.  Free fly­ing like a bird, high as a kite  with the wind whip­ping through my rats nest of a hairdo.  Maybe a lit­tle tummy churn here and there but wasn’t that what is was all about?

I under­stand there are doubts.  The first one may be “what if I fall on my head?”  Granted you will spend some time upside down but you will be secure in your ham­mock.  And if you have any ques­tions at all, your instruc­tor Alex will help!  OK, there ARE those few peo­ple who weren’t meant to do any kind of exer­cise with grace but who cares, this is FUN and I promise, you won’t land on your head.   And for the love of Pete (who ever the hell he is) the ham­mock holds up to, like, 1000 pounds so it will not drop from the ceil­ing while you’re pulling a swan dive!

Hon­estly, it was such a refresh­ing release from all the other mun­dane exer­cises I’ve done I would do it every sin­gle day if I had the time.  And I’m telling you, I was sore the next day.  And the next.  And a day after that.  It will work mus­cles you never even knew existed with­out falling on your head.

Do your­self a favor and try it your­self!  Here’s where it’s offered and here is where you can get a ses­sion for Half Price!   (go ahead and click!)



And here are some pic­tures of me dan­gling in mid air hav­ing the time of my life :)

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