Flame thrower or bug spray?

Orlando Police say a man was living in deplorable conditions with trash all over the apartment, which Roacheswould explain the infestation of insects. It would also explain why his apartment was so flammable. Apparently the man didn’t have a newspaper handy and tried to set the bugs on fire which ultimately set the apartment on fire instead.  The man was treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation. No criminal charges have been filed, although police filled out paperwork to have him hospitalized because he is “a danger to himself and others.”

A Minnesota 911 dispatcher received a call and overheard Todd Weiss and Justin Evans having a discussion about how they were going to rod an auto repair shop. The dispatcher immediately traced the location of the call and sent police to the shop. When they arrived, they saw them two men walking out of the shop with a TV and a box. After a short chase, the dumb crooks were caught and arrested on burglary charges.

Oregon man Nathaniel Mirelez had been busted for theft and released from the police station but was ordered to leave his skateboard behind as evidence. Mirelez began to regret agreeing to that stipulation and returned to the precinct to retrieve it – in the middle of the night. A surveillance camera captured Mirelez approaching the front door of the station and trying to pick the lock, then pull the handle forcefully – until it broke off and sent him flying backward onto the sidewalk. He was taken into custody the next day on attempted burglary charges.


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