Flower girl

dandilion in earWhen they say dan­de­lions can grow any­where, they mean it. A doc­tor in Bei­jing removed a dan­de­lion that was grow­ing in the ear canal of a 16-month-old girl! The child, iden­ti­fied as “Ran­ran,” had been scratch­ing at her ear for months. Appar­ently a seed had lodged in her ear canal, and by the time her par­ents brought her to the Cap­i­tal Insti­tute of Pedi­atrics the dan­de­lion had totally grown into Ranran’s ear and filled her ear canal wall! 

A North Car­olina thug Jah Set­zer strolled into the Gas­to­nia express and whipped out a hand­gun and demanded that employee Char­lie Welch hand over all the green­backs in the till. When Welch didn’t act fast enough, Set­zer began fir­ing into the air, then decided to try to open the reg­is­ter him­self but it wouldn’t budge. The heist wasn’t a total loss for Set­zer: He man­aged to snare a $3 beer before bolt­ing the scene, directly into the clutches of wait­ing police.

A Florida man found out that life was un-“fare” when he tried to pull off a bank rob­bery, only to get caught because he couldn’t elude cops with his get­away vehi­cle!   Tim­o­thy Paul Jones went to a teller’s win­dow at a Wells Fargo branch and passed a note demand­ing cash, which he grabbed before mak­ing his way to a gas sta­tion right across the street, where he changed his shirt in an effort to dis­guise him­self. The trick might have worked if he didn’t have to wait for a bus to use as his get­away vehi­cle. Deputies didn’t have too much trou­ble find­ing him on the bus.

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