Flower girl

dandilion in earWhen they say dandelions can grow anywhere, they mean it. A doctor in Beijing removed a dandelion that was growing in the ear canal of a 16-month-old girl! The child, identified as “Ranran,” had been scratching at her ear for months. Apparently a seed had lodged in her ear canal, and by the time her parents brought her to the Capital Institute of Pediatrics the dandelion had totally grown into Ranran’s ear and filled her ear canal wall! 

A North Carolina thug Jah Setzer strolled into the Gastonia express and whipped out a handgun and demanded that employee Charlie Welch hand over all the greenbacks in the till. When Welch didn’t act fast enough, Setzer began firing into the air, then decided to try to open the register himself but it wouldn’t budge. The heist wasn’t a total loss for Setzer: He managed to snare a $3 beer before bolting the scene, directly into the clutches of waiting police.

A Florida man found out that life was un-“fare” when he tried to pull off a bank robbery, only to get caught because he couldn’t elude cops with his getaway vehicle!   Timothy Paul Jones went to a teller’s window at a Wells Fargo branch and passed a note demanding cash, which he grabbed before making his way to a gas station right across the street, where he changed his shirt in an effort to disguise himself. The trick might have worked if he didn’t have to wait for a bus to use as his getaway vehicle. Deputies didn’t have too much trouble finding him on the bus.

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