Fluff n Fight


27-year-old British design stu­dent Lee Wei Chen of London’s Kingston Uni­ver­sity has put a new spin on doing laun­dry. He came up with the idea after real­iz­ing he was wast­ing too much time play­ing videogames and the skills they required were pretty much use­less in the real world. To rem­edy that, he designed an arcade-style video con­sole in which the bot­tom half of the unit is a wash­ing machine. As the cir­cuitry for the 2 com­po­nents are linked together, the laun­dry cycle is depen­dent on suc­cess with the videogame. The bet­ter you per­form, the fewer coins that are needed to com­plete the cycle. Next: for the lady a vac­uum cleaner with online shopping!

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