Food fight felon!

North Car­olina senior cit­i­zen 64-year-old Polly Richards insti­gated a food fight with 69-year-old food fightLin­wood Moore after he cut ahead of her in line to pay at the Golden Cor­ral while she was pre­oc­cu­pied with get­ting a drink. Wit­nesses saw Richards curse at Moore and shove him against the wall after grab­bing his shirt. At some point dur­ing the alter­ca­tion, Moore was also slapped in the face!  Dur­ing the inci­dent, Richards also allegedly threw a plate that cracked 62-year-old Fay Card­well in the leg and caused swelling on her shin and knee. While she was being placed under arrest, Richards told police, “Just take me to the [exple­tive] jail then,” accord­ing to WITN.She was jailed on a $1,500 secured bond.

Joey Kad­miri ran into the back­stage area of a Thun­der Down Under revue wav­ing a gun and shout­ing about some­one want­ing him dead. When it was pointed out that no one else was in sight, Kad­miri admit­ted that he was high on meth, a state that often made him hal­lu­ci­nate.  Cops man­aged to cuff him after a strug­gle, but he’s refus­ing to go to court to answer charges, claim­ing the offi­cers are out to get him as well. He says, “I didn’t try to hurt any­one. I know myself. I was just try­ing to pro­tect myself and be safe.” Which is why he ran into a male strip­per review wav­ing a gun.


A Delaware man showed off more than just his dance moves when he got wasted and climbed on a stranger’s SUV to shake his naked booty — to a cap­tive audi­ence of the dri­ver and her six-year-old daugh­ter! Dar­ren Staats admit­ted that he was high on PCP when he jumped atop the vehi­cle with his pants around his ankles and began boo­gieing to the beat of his own drum­mer. The dri­ver tried to push him off the roof with a stick, but had no luck, so she called cops who man­aged to drag him off the truck and cuff him. Police charged him with dis­or­derly con­duct, crim­i­nal mis­chief and endan­ger­ing the wel­fare of a child.

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