Food fight felon!

North Carolina senior citizen 64-year-old Polly Richards instigated a food fight with 69-year-old food fightLinwood Moore after he cut ahead of her in line to pay at the Golden Corral while she was preoccupied with getting a drink. Witnesses saw Richards curse at Moore and shove him against the wall after grabbing his shirt. At some point during the altercation, Moore was also slapped in the face!  During the incident, Richards also allegedly threw a plate that cracked 62-year-old Fay Cardwell in the leg and caused swelling on her shin and knee. While she was being placed under arrest, Richards told police, “Just take me to the [expletive] jail then,” according to WITN.She was jailed on a $1,500 secured bond.

Joey Kadmiri ran into the backstage area of a Thunder Down Under revue waving a gun and shouting about someone wanting him dead. When it was pointed out that no one else was in sight, Kadmiri admitted that he was high on meth, a state that often made him hallucinate.  Cops managed to cuff him after a struggle, but he’s refusing to go to court to answer charges, claiming the officers are out to get him as well. He says, “I didn’t try to hurt anyone. I know myself. I was just trying to protect myself and be safe.” Which is why he ran into a male stripper review waving a gun.


A Delaware man showed off more than just his dance moves when he got wasted and climbed on a stranger’s SUV to shake his naked booty — to a captive audience of the driver and her six-year-old daughter! Darren Staats admitted that he was high on PCP when he jumped atop the vehicle with his pants around his ankles and began boogieing to the beat of his own drummer. The driver tried to push him off the roof with a stick, but had no luck, so she called cops who managed to drag him off the truck and cuff him. Police charged him with disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and endangering the welfare of a child.

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