Freak News for Friday 10/21

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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! – A Connecticut woman called cops to report that she was the victim of a Halloween prank that could qualify as a trick or a treat, depending on your point of view. The unidentified woman rang up her local precinct to report that some troublemakers had crept into her yard in the middle of the night and left 30 pumpkins — arranged in a neat circle. Officers were suspicious, since she’d phoned in earlier in October with a bogus report that “thousands” of donuts had been dumped on her doorstep, but the presence of pumpkins proved she wasn’t out of her gourd.

A sexy slap on the wrist – Administrators at a Florida elementary school wanted to give a special thank you to students for their A-plus work on a fundraiser – unbeknownst to them they rewarded 100 students with some X-rated gifts! One kid got curious and peeled back the fabric from the slap bracelets, revealing a naked woman! The district is trying to retrieve the indecent prizes but with little luck: One official said he wouldn’t be surprised if some students keep the bracelets, admitting, “Curiosity is bound to get the better of some of them.”

It takes a deuce – A pair of Swedish burglars are no doubt down in the dumps after cops tracked them down using DNA they left outside the farmhouse they’d just robbed. The two men escaped from a farm with cash, tools and a car belonging to the home’s owner which they set ablaze to cover their tracks. But one deputy following his own gut took a shot at searching the yard — uncovering some foul evidence.  It took several months of testing, but the men were identified and arrested on charges of breaking and entering because they decided it would be a good time to take a dump in the yard of the place they just robbed!!

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