Freak News for Friday 10/28

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Treehugger – Authorities inSouthern Californiasay they rescued a man by following the sounds of his screams down into a creek bed.OrangeCountysheriff’s deputies found the man stuck up to his chest inside a narrow hole in a tree trunk, which extended about four or five feet underground.  It took firefighters about 90 minutes to free him.  Lt. Roland Chacon says it’s unknown why the man climbed into the hole near the base of the tree.

Do not pass GO – Monopoly and going directly to jail have never combined in such a literal fashion: A 60-year-old Santa Fewoman went straight to jail after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend following a game of Monopoly gone wrong. Police say Laura Chavez attacked the 48-year-old opponent with a kitchen knife; he was “bleeding heavily from his head and right wrist area” when authorities arrived shortly after midnight. The man says she also cracked a glass bottle over his head.  Chavez apparently thought her boyfriend was cheating at the game. Shocking side note: The two had reportedly been drinking.

Her excuse bombed – Jennifer Gomes, a gym teacher in Denverprobably wishes she would have settled for a note from her mom when she “simply didn’t feel like going to work.” Instead she left a note at her school warning that there was a bomb inside the gym. She now faces one felony count.

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