Freak News for Friday 10/28

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Tree­hug­ger - Author­i­ties inSouth­ern Cal­i­for­ni­asay they res­cued a man by fol­low­ing the sounds of his screams down into a creek bed.OrangeCountysheriff’s deputies found the man stuck up to his chest inside a nar­row hole in a tree trunk, which extended about four or five feet under­ground.  It took fire­fight­ers about 90 min­utes to free him.  Lt. Roland Cha­con says it’s unknown why the man climbed into the hole near the base of the tree.

Do not pass GO - Monop­oly and going directly to jail have never com­bined in such a lit­eral fash­ion: A 60-year-old Santa Fewoman went straight to jail after allegedly stab­bing her boyfriend fol­low­ing a game of Monop­oly gone wrong. Police say Laura Chavez attacked the 48-year-old oppo­nent with a kitchen knife; he was “bleed­ing heav­ily from his head and right wrist area” when author­i­ties arrived shortly after mid­night. The man says she also cracked a glass bot­tle over his head.  Chavez appar­ently thought her boyfriend was cheat­ing at the game. Shock­ing side note: The two had report­edly been drinking.

Her excuse bombed — Jen­nifer Gomes, a gym teacher in Den­ver­prob­a­bly wishes she would have set­tled for a note from her mom when she “sim­ply didn’t feel like going to work.” Instead she left a note at her school warn­ing that there was a bomb inside the gym. She now faces one felony count.

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