Freak News for Friday 10/7

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Amish paradise?  Hardly – Police are probing several incidents in which groups of Amish men allegedly forced their way into the homes of other members of the Amish community and cut off the hair and beards of the people inside!  The victims include a 74-year-old man and 13-year-old girl. The county sheriff believes the thugs were acting under orders from an Amish bishop, who demanded that they bring the hair to him to prove that his instructions had been followed. A truck and horse trailer believed to be used by the attackers are being combed for evidence.

What a toot! – Calling it “clean” fuel would be a bit of a stretch:Japan’s top toilet maker has built a bike that runs on human waste. TOTO’s Toilet Bike Neo has a seat that looks like a toilet, and it’s powered by bio-gas from the driver’s own poo. Some have called it the “new coal,” and it will soon fuel a 600-mile Japanese tour. The trip includes a stop at a boulder in the shape of a rear end.  And if all that isn’t weird enough, the bike also talks and plays music.   It has a very dirty mouth….

Thong Song – A Louisiana man who stood outside a Baptist church wearing nothing but a woman’s thong probably didn’t bet on being arrested.  Apparently the thong did not do a very good job covering up 23-year-old Brandon Ames, who was charged with obscenity, disturbing the peace, and resisting an officer. Ames allegedly told officers he donned the thong to win a $300 bet. Good, that will pay your bail.

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