Freak News for Friday 10/7

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Amish par­adise?  Hardly - Police are prob­ing sev­eral inci­dents in which groups of Amish men allegedly forced their way into the homes of other mem­bers of the Amish com­mu­nity and cut off the hair and beards of the peo­ple inside!  The vic­tims include a 74-year-old man and 13-year-old girl. The county sher­iff believes the thugs were act­ing under orders from an Amish bishop, who demanded that they bring the hair to him to prove that his instruc­tions had been fol­lowed. A truck and horse trailer believed to be used by the attack­ers are being combed for evidence.

What a toot! - Call­ing it “clean” fuel would be a bit of a stretch:Japan’s top toi­let maker has built a bike that runs on human waste. TOTO’s Toi­let Bike Neo has a seat that looks like a toi­let, and it’s pow­ered by bio-gas from the driver’s own poo. Some have called it the “new coal,” and it will soon fuel a 600-mile Japan­ese tour. The trip includes a stop at a boul­der in the shape of a rear end.  And if all that isn’t weird enough, the bike also talks and plays music.   It has a very dirty mouth.…

Thong Song - A Louisiana man who stood out­side a Bap­tist church wear­ing noth­ing but a woman’s thong prob­a­bly didn’t bet on being arrested.  Appar­ently the thong did not do a very good job cov­er­ing up 23-year-old Bran­don Ames, who was charged with obscen­ity, dis­turb­ing the peace, and resist­ing an offi­cer. Ames allegedly told offi­cers he donned the thong to win a $300 bet. Good, that will pay your bail.

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