Freak News for Friday 11/18

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Hamming it up – Union City police said Brenda King told officers her son, Emanual Cordell Kennedy threw an object that struck her in the back while she was walking down the hall during an argument. The object was a ham!  Officers said Kennedy admitted to throwing the ham and said he was not expecting his mother to be walking down the hall at the time and had not meant to hit her with the meat.  And just why would he be throwing a ham anyway???  Kennedy was arrested on a charge of domestic assault. 

Do you want money? – Police say a would-be bank robber in Wheeling, West Virginiapassed a note to a teller, but she couldn’t decipher it and thought it was a joke, reports WTOV. “It took her a little while to realize the individual was demanding money through this note,” says the police chief. “When she passed the note back to him, he became frustrated and left the bank.” He remains at large, feeling stupid wishing he would have paid closer attention in school.

The worst escape route ever – A wanna-be burglar in Georgiais in a ho-ho-hole lotta trouble after getting stuck when he went up the chimney without care during a heist.  Ronaldo Montez Jack almost got away after swiping several hundred dollars from a safe, but ended up getting stuck in the chimney for more than 10 hours, since the homeowner was at work during the robbery. A neighbor overheard him shouting for help and went to find out what was going on, to which Jack replied “ah, I’m stupid.”  Cops, who couldn’t help but agree, charged Jack with burglary.  Wouldn’t it be less suspicious if he just walked out the front door instead of popping out of the chimney? 

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