Freak News for Friday 11/18

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Ham­ming it up - Union City police said Brenda King told offi­cers her son, Eman­ual Cordell Kennedy threw an object that struck her in the back while she was walk­ing down the hall dur­ing an argu­ment. The object was a ham!  Offi­cers said Kennedy admit­ted to throw­ing the ham and said he was not expect­ing his mother to be walk­ing down the hall at the time and had not meant to hit her with the meat.  And just why would he be throw­ing a ham any­way???  Kennedy was arrested on a charge of domes­tic assault. 

Do you want money? - Police say a would-be bank rob­ber in Wheel­ing, West Vir­ginia­passed a note to a teller, but she couldn’t deci­pher it and thought it was a joke, reports WTOV. “It took her a lit­tle while to real­ize the indi­vid­ual was demand­ing money through this note,” says the police chief. “When she passed the note back to him, he became frus­trated and left the bank.” He remains at large, feel­ing stu­pid wish­ing he would have paid closer atten­tion in school.

The worst escape route ever - A wanna-be bur­glar in Geor­giais in a ho-ho-hole lotta trou­ble after get­ting stuck when he went up the chim­ney with­out care dur­ing a heist.  Ronaldo Mon­tez Jack almost got away after swip­ing sev­eral hun­dred dol­lars from a safe, but ended up get­ting stuck in the chim­ney for more than 10 hours, since the home­owner was at work dur­ing the rob­bery. A neigh­bor over­heard him shout­ing for help and went to find out what was going on, to which Jack replied “ah, I’m stu­pid.”  Cops, who couldn’t help but agree, charged Jack with bur­glary.  Wouldn’t it be less sus­pi­cious if he just walked out the front door instead of pop­ping out of the chimney? 

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