Freak News for Friday 11/25

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Use the front door, deer – The manager of a Georgia restaurant said a deer shocked diners when it crashed into the eatery through a window.  Adam Buckner, manager of the Taco Mac Windward inAlpharetta,Georgiasaid a deer crashed right into the restaurant about 3:15 p.m. and walked out when a server opened the door to the patio. Buckner said. “The deer didn’t even hurt itself. One of its antlers came off, but antlers fall off and grow right back,” he said.

No more interruptions, please! –  Peter Studley, 52 allegedly broke into the manager’s room at the Vanguard Motel, where he had been staying for about a month when the manager walked in and busted him stealing money and other valuables.  Studley fled and allegedly broke into a work van parked outside a cabinet business on South Yonge Streetand was again interrupted when the owner arrived of the van arrived.  Gosh, can’t I just commit one crime without interruption??  He fled that scene to and a deputy spotted Studley walking alongRidgewood Avenue a little less than two hours later and he was arrested on two counts of burglary and two counts of criminal mischief.

You mean I have to do this myself – Vallejo, CA police say at least two men armed with handguns, approached a man in front of his home  while he was unloading groceries from his car. Police said the attackers, each around 20 years old, forced the man to the ground and took the keys to his car, then fled after discovering they were unable to operate the stick shift.

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