Freak News for Friday 11/4

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Not entirely picture perfect – It’s hard to truly capture the weirdness of this lawsuit recounted by the New York Times. Is it because a Manhattan groom is suing a photography studio over what he says are lousy wedding photos? Not at all. Because he waited six years to file the suit? Nope. Because he insists that the studio pay for the entire wedding to be recreated so it can be photographed again? Uh uh. Is it because the happy bride and groom divorced last year, and she’s living somewhere in Latvia now, and she’d have to fly back and recreate the wedding that launched her failed marriage so her divorced husband can have better wedding photos? Yup.

Kiwi Kut – A New Zealand man was clipped with a fine of about 150 bucks after being convicted of getting drunk and stealing. Trevor Crampton says he was drinking heavily enough that he doesn’t recall entering the hair salon where he sat down for a trim — then informed the stylist that he didn’t have the cash to pay for it. The owners called police, who say the man “made no sense” when trying to explain himself. Asked to explain his actions, Crampton replied, “Actually the first I knew about it was the next morning when I looked in the mirror.”


3 stabs and youooour OUT! –Joshua Monson stabbed his first lawyer with a pencil during a preliminary hearing, then jabbed his second while appearing before a judge a few days later. This time around, he waited until his trial started before grabbing attorney Jesse Cantor’s pen and stabbing him in the temple — drawing some blood. The judge ordered Monson restrained but said the jury should disregard the stabbing while deliberating his fate. Needless to say he is going to have to represent himself during his felony drug trial.

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