Freak News for Friday 11/4

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Not entirely pic­ture per­fect - It’s hard to truly cap­ture the weird­ness of this law­suit recounted by the New York Times. Is it because a Man­hat­tan groom is suing a pho­tog­ra­phy stu­dio over what he says are lousy wed­ding pho­tos? Not at all. Because he waited six years to file the suit? Nope. Because he insists that the stu­dio pay for the entire wed­ding to be recre­ated so it can be pho­tographed again? Uh uh. Is it because the happy bride and groom divorced last year, and she’s liv­ing some­where in Latvia now, and she’d have to fly back and recre­ate the wed­ding that launched her failed mar­riage so her divorced hus­band can have bet­ter wed­ding pho­tos? Yup.

Kiwi Kut - A New Zealand man was clipped with a fine of about 150 bucks after being con­victed of get­ting drunk and steal­ing. Trevor Cramp­ton says he was drink­ing heav­ily enough that he doesn’t recall enter­ing the hair salon where he sat down for a trim — then informed the styl­ist that he didn’t have the cash to pay for it. The own­ers called police, who say the man “made no sense” when try­ing to explain him­self. Asked to explain his actions, Cramp­ton replied, “Actu­ally the first I knew about it was the next morn­ing when I looked in the mirror.”


3 stabs and youooour OUT! -Joshua Mon­son stabbed his first lawyer with a pen­cil dur­ing a pre­lim­i­nary hear­ing, then jabbed his sec­ond while appear­ing before a judge a few days later. This time around, he waited until his trial started before grab­bing attor­ney Jesse Cantor’s pen and stab­bing him in the tem­ple — draw­ing some blood. The judge ordered Mon­son restrained but said the jury should dis­re­gard the stab­bing while delib­er­at­ing his fate. Need­less to say he is going to have to rep­re­sent him­self dur­ing his felony drug trial.

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