Freak News for Friday 9/16

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Is that you gurgling or are you just happy to see me? – We’ve all heard of fancy, computerized ways to find a mate, but it turns out that sometimes it really does come down to a gut feeling. The MyMicrobes website matches people based on the bacteria found in their bellies, operating on the principle that a shared tendency toward intestinal woes can lead to long-term togetherness. After registering on the site, members are shipped a package of information and a stool-sample kit. They are then asked to ship the samples back to a lab where the DNA is extracted. While not everyone is likely to think the idea is a gas, we’re sure the service will help some people make beautiful … er … music together.

Looks like urine pain – A motorcyclist in Illinois tried to swerve out of the way when a stainless steel toilet came hurdling at him when it fell off a flatbed truck into his path. He plowed right into it, tossing him into mid-air and causing a broken ankle among other injuries.  The trucker was cited with failure to secure his load and is scheduled to appear in court next month.

Out with the good, in with the bad – An Australian man who we’ll call Geoffrey – thought he had a steal proof way to hide his families gold collection after his GPS navigation system and keys were recently stolen.  “I had this great idea to split the gold into three rubbish bags so if the thieves did come in they’re not going to find it,” Geoffrey said.  The valuable trash bags, however, ended up in the local landfill last week when the man’s children cleaned house in anticipation of an upcoming move. The Sunshine Coast Regional Council said that while it sympathizes with the family’s loss, searching the landfill, which takes in about 1,400 tons of waste each week, would be next to impossible.

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