Freak News for Friday 9/23

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He likes it hot – A Kansas City, Missouri, man may have to make a run for the border! According to police, Jeremy Combs, 30, got his food at the Taco Bell drive-through window, drove home, and then went back to the restaurant with his shotgun when he realized there were no packets of hot sauce in his bag. Combs was charged with being a felon illegally in possession of a firearm.

Death by dumplings (or disappointment?) – 77 year old Ivan Mendel ate 10 potato dumplings in 30 seconds to win first place in a dumpling eating contest and had just been handed his prize — a one-liter jar of sour cream — when he began to feel ill. (I would too if that was the prize) An ambulance was called, but Mendel was deceased before it arrived. 

An epic beer heist fail-  Cops in Los Angeles County say two 19-year-olds went into a market and fled with a 30-pack of cheap beer. Employees chased them and caught one. The other jumped into a waiting car driven by a third 19-year-old, but it crashed when a store employee jumped on the hood to avoid getting hit. One suspect then ran into a car wash next door, which happened to be in operation. He came out soaked, into the arms of police.  That leaves the third suspect at large. He got away scot-free—but left his wallet in the crashed car. Cops got in touch and convinced him to turn himself in.

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