Freak News for Friday 9/30

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Freaky Feline - A Mass­a­chu­setts woman Marty says her feline, which she dubbed Frank and Louie, made it into the 2012 record book for being the longest liv­ing cat with the con­di­tion of hav­ing 2 faces!  Frank and Louie have three eyes, two noses and two mouths. How­ever, the cat, which has only one brain, only uses one of the mouths for eat­ing. “Frank does the eat­ing,” Marty said. “He only has to eat for one cat body. He’s just one cat body with an extra face. “Marty said she was work­ing at the Cum­mings School of Vet­eri­nary Med­i­cine at Tufts Uni­ver­sity 12 years ago when some­one brought Frank and Louie in to be put to sleep. Marty said. “He doesn’t know he’s any dif­fer­ent. He thinks he’s a nor­mal cat.”

Whoops!  It’s magic? — The chair­man of the school com­mit­tee in Abing­ton, Mass., is apol­o­giz­ing for a magic trick he per­formed before a tele­vised meet­ing this week. Rus­sell Fitzger­ald, an ama­teur magi­cian was known to open meet­ings with a lit­tle sleight of hand. This time he put his hand slightly into the wrong area when it appeared he tore the bra off a fel­low com­mit­tee mem­ber through her clothes!  It was met with stunned silence. Fitzger­ald issued a writ­ten apol­ogy to the woman and his unknow­ing accom­plice and will not be per­form­ing slight of hand at meet­ings any longer.

 No 2nd date for this guy — Police in North Car­olina said a couple’s first date was inter­rupted when a man acci­den­tally shot him­self in a park­ing garage. Char­lotte police said the cou­ple returned to the man’s car after eat­ing at Ruth’s Chris Steak­house and the man’s gun, which was in the car, some­how went off and shot the man, His date was not injured and he was treated at Car­oli­nas Med­ical Cen­ter for a non-life-threatening leg wound. Police have ruled the shoot­ing acci­den­tal and are try­ing to deter­mine how the gun went off.  I have an idea…

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