Freak News for Monday 10/17

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If she only had a brain - Jacque­line Hamil­ton was weav­ing between lanes inChesterton,Indiana, lead­ing her fel­low motorists to call police. When she was pulled over, offi­cers said she smelled strongly of alco­hol and admit­ted to hav­ing 10 drinks. The arrest­ing offi­cer said he didn’t admin­is­ter a field sobri­ety test out of fearHamil­ton might hurt her­self try­ing to walk a straight line. Oh yeah, she was on a golf cart with a bot­tle of whisey and a scare­crow!  She told police she was buy­ing Hal­loween dec­o­ra­tions for her grand­chil­dren — and planned to return home and drink the whiskey by the fire.

If a dog bites a mans’ invis­i­ble privates…does it still hurt? - Author­i­ties say an US bur­glary sus­pect dubbed “Moss Man” failed to show up at his trial, and a war­rant has been issued for his arrest. Police say the 36-year-old Port­land­man Gre­gory “moss man” Lias­cos had cut a hole in a museum wall and was try­ing to break in.  Offi­cers found a bike and a back­pack, but they didn’t find the sus­pect until a police dog bit what appeared to be the ground. It was Gre­gory in a head-to-toe cam­ou­flage out­fit used by mil­i­tary snipers to blend in with veg­e­ta­tion.  Lias­cos later said the out­fit was a Hal­loween cos­tume from his kids.

Mary­jane who? - A New Mex­ico woman was arrested last week for plac­ing a per­sonal ad on Craigslist, say­ing she was seek­ing a “casual encounter” — with a nice, friendly bag of mar­i­juana.  Anam­icka Dave used her ad to say she was new to Santa Fe, and was hop­ing to hook up with “Mary Jane” — a move one police spokesper­son said was “so bla­tant [that] I wanted to be sure it wasn’t one of our guys try­ing to do a reverse sting. “Another cop ended up answer­ing the ad and sum­mon­ing Dave to a park­ing lot, where she had a casual encounter with a pair of hand­cuffs and a patrol car.

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