Freak News for Monday 10/17

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If she only had a brain – Jacqueline Hamilton was weaving between lanes inChesterton,Indiana, leading her fellow motorists to call police. When she was pulled over, officers said she smelled strongly of alcohol and admitted to having 10 drinks. The arresting officer said he didn’t administer a field sobriety test out of fearHamilton might hurt herself trying to walk a straight line. Oh yeah, she was on a golf cart with a bottle of whisey and a scarecrow!  She told police she was buying Halloween decorations for her grandchildren — and planned to return home and drink the whiskey by the fire.

If a dog bites a mans’ invisible privates…does it still hurt? – Authorities say an US burglary suspect dubbed “Moss Man” failed to show up at his trial, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Police say the 36-year-old Portlandman Gregory “moss man” Liascos had cut a hole in a museum wall and was trying to break in.  Officers found a bike and a backpack, but they didn’t find the suspect until a police dog bit what appeared to be the ground. It was Gregory in a head-to-toe camouflage outfit used by military snipers to blend in with vegetation.  Liascos later said the outfit was a Halloween costume from his kids.

Maryjane who? – A New Mexico woman was arrested last week for placing a personal ad on Craigslist, saying she was seeking a “casual encounter” — with a nice, friendly bag of marijuana.  Anamicka Dave used her ad to say she was new to Santa Fe, and was hoping to hook up with “Mary Jane” — a move one police spokesperson said was “so blatant [that] I wanted to be sure it wasn’t one of our guys trying to do a reverse sting. “Another cop ended up answering the ad and summoning Dave to a parking lot, where she had a casual encounter with a pair of handcuffs and a patrol car.

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