Freak News for Monday 10/3

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Sting would be proud - Since 1996, Harold Hack­ett has tossed about 5,000 mes­sages in bot­tles into the ocean from his home in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and has received more than 3,000 responses from all over the world. Hack­ett says it can take a long time for the bot­tles to get found—as long as 13 years—but he’s has got­ten let­ters from Africa, Rus­sia, South Amer­ica, Ice­land, the UK, and North Amer­ica. Hack­ett, doesn’t include his phone num­ber in his let­ters, he prefers to com­mu­ni­cate in the old fash­ioned way of snail mail. Many of his pen-pals con­tinue writ­ing and Hack­ett gets around 150 Christ­mas cards each year, as well as gifts and souvenirs.

88 year old ass kick­ing - The thief knocked on 88 year old Rina Zorzin’s door, pos­ing as an electricity-meter man. “First he asked to see the meter and when I refused he took out a gun, think­ing that would frighten me,” she said. “But noth­ing scares me any­more, at my age, so I jumped onto his back to stop him. He grabbed me round the wrists and forced me to sit down. While the thief searched around her home, she man­aged to get free and run out­side yelling “thief, dirty thief, you ought to be ashamed, go and get a job.” At that point, the thief gave up and took off. “I would have chased after him, too, if it weren’t for my arti­fi­cial hip,” Zorzin said.  No word on if the thief stopped at job ser­vices on his way home.


Unusual lip ser­vice -Utah­man John Manuel Mar­quez Sr. had been drink­ing when he was vis­it­ing his ex girlfriend’s apart­ment.  When Mar­quez tried to rekin­dle the old flames of love and plant a kiss on her, she tried to pull away, but he refused and didn’t let go.  Let’s just say with what hap­pened next, the ex won’t be kiss­ing any­one any­more.  Yup, he bit off her lip.  Police say he then con­tin­ued to assault the woman before his arrest. An inves­ti­ga­tion is ongoing.

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