Freak News for Monday 10/3

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Sting would be proud – Since 1996, Harold Hackett has tossed about 5,000 messages in bottles into the ocean from his home in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and has received more than 3,000 responses from all over the world. Hackett says it can take a long time for the bottles to get found—as long as 13 years—but he’s has gotten letters from Africa, Russia, South America, Iceland, the UK, and North America. Hackett, doesn’t include his phone number in his letters, he prefers to communicate in the old fashioned way of snail mail. Many of his pen-pals continue writing and Hackett gets around 150 Christmas cards each year, as well as gifts and souvenirs.

88 year old ass kicking – The thief knocked on 88 year old Rina Zorzin’s door, posing as an electricity-meter man. “First he asked to see the meter and when I refused he took out a gun, thinking that would frighten me,” she said. “But nothing scares me anymore, at my age, so I jumped onto his back to stop him. He grabbed me round the wrists and forced me to sit down. While the thief searched around her home, she managed to get free and run outside yelling “thief, dirty thief, you ought to be ashamed, go and get a job.” At that point, the thief gave up and took off. “I would have chased after him, too, if it weren’t for my artificial hip,” Zorzin said.  No word on if the thief stopped at job services on his way home.


Unusual lip service –Utahman John Manuel Marquez Sr. had been drinking when he was visiting his ex girlfriend’s apartment.  When Marquez tried to rekindle the old flames of love and plant a kiss on her, she tried to pull away, but he refused and didn’t let go.  Let’s just say with what happened next, the ex won’t be kissing anyone anymore.  Yup, he bit off her lip.  Police say he then continued to assault the woman before his arrest. An investigation is ongoing.

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