Freak News for Monday 11/21

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A piggy bank saved their bacon - A wanna-be armed rob­ber in Ger­many had his crim­i­nal plot foiled by two tod­dlers who came at him armed — with hand­fuls of pen­nies. The thug rang the door­bell to the children’s house, then forced his way in and pointed a gun at their babysit­ter, demand­ing she hand over all her valu­ables. She was in the process of com­ply­ing when the boy and girl entered the room and offered the masked man their sav­ings –straight from the piggy bank. Accord­ing to a police spokesman, “The rob­ber must have real­ized what he was doing was awful, and sim­ply put his gun away and left.”

Sta­tus Update – BUSTEDAn Atlanta, GA home home­owner grew sus­pi­cious when she saw a strange car in her dri­ve­way then peeked in the win­dow to find Trevor Jones camped out on her com­puter. For­tu­nately, one of her neigh­bors had made a get­away a lit­tle tougher for Jones, grab­bing the keys from the igni­tion of the car he was using to haul off goods from her house.  Jones took off on foot, but cops matched his descrip­tion to his Face­book account which was left open on the com­puter, so they expect to find him soon.

 Court­ing Trou­ble — Pamela Copes was to be in court fac­ing charges of dri­ving with a sus­pended license and flee­ing police, so she clearly had expe­ri­ence with motor vehi­cles — at least enough to jimmy open a Chevy Impala and steal it so she was on time for court!  Copes and her accom­plices didn’t account for the car’s OnStar track­ing sys­tem, how­ever, and that fol­lowed them right to the trial, where they racked up a new array of charges.

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