Freak News for Monday 11/21

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A piggy bank saved their bacon – A wanna-be armed robber in Germany had his criminal plot foiled by two toddlers who came at him armed — with handfuls of pennies. The thug rang the doorbell to the children’s house, then forced his way in and pointed a gun at their babysitter, demanding she hand over all her valuables. She was in the process of complying when the boy and girl entered the room and offered the masked man their savings –straight from the piggy bank. According to a police spokesman, “The robber must have realized what he was doing was awful, and simply put his gun away and left.”

Status Update – BUSTED – An Atlanta, GA home homeowner grew suspicious when she saw a strange car in her driveway then peeked in the window to find Trevor Jones camped out on her computer. Fortunately, one of her neighbors had made a getaway a little tougher for Jones, grabbing the keys from the ignition of the car he was using to haul off goods from her house.  Jones took off on foot, but cops matched his description to his Facebook account which was left open on the computer, so they expect to find him soon.

 Courting Trouble – Pamela Copes was to be in court facing charges of driving with a suspended license and fleeing police, so she clearly had experience with motor vehicles — at least enough to jimmy open a Chevy Impala and steal it so she was on time for court!  Copes and her accomplices didn’t account for the car’s OnStar tracking system, however, and that followed them right to the trial, where they racked up a new array of charges.

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