Freak News for Monday 11/28

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Whizzing away the day – It’s such a drag when you have to press pause on your fun night out in order to go to the bathroom—but one London bar has solved that problem by installing the world’s first urine-controlled video games in its bathroom. Only male patrons can play so far, as the games are over the urinals in the Exhibit Bar. After you play, you can—of course!—tweet your score.   Good God, one more reason for men to spend ½ their day in the crapper!

Trade you a rainbow – Speaking of gaming…Alyse Baddley ofLogan,Utah, was so sick of husband Kyle’s constant Internet gaming that she put him up for sale on Craigslist, saying he’s “easy to maintain, just feed and water every three to five hours. “Baddley joked that the price was negotiable, but she says she didn’t think she’d get any offers. And then, “Someone even offered a blue bag of Skittles.”

Mower trouble – A Louisiana man Bobby Punch was nabbed after a witness reported seeing him weaving back and forth over a highway’s center line at a very low speed. He’s also suspected of some unauthorized landscaping — for cutting down neighborhood shrubs with his getaway vehicle which happened to be a lawnmower.  Plus, he was 4 times over the legal drinking limit.  Punch was hauled in for DUI and damaging property.

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