Feeling a Little Flat

It’s all fun & games until someone’s head gets chopped off — A 24-year-old man, rid­ing a party bus for a friend’s bach­e­lor night in Detroit was killed on Inter­state 94 when he popped open an emer­gency escape hatch on the bus’s roof and peered out at the sights. His head slammed into an overpass.

She’s feel­ing a lit­tle flat — A 59-year-old woman, who had bor­rowed a steam roller to help with main­te­nance on a road near her home in What­com County,Wash., lost con­trol of the vehi­cle, send­ing it into a ditch, where she was thrown and fatally rolled upon.

Plan B - Jonathan Schwartz didn’t really think this through when he called 911 in New York City to report that he had stabbed his mother to death. A few min­utes later but before police arrived, Schwartz called back 911 to report a cor­rec­tion: “No, she com­mit­ted sui­cide.” The mother’s body was found with mul­ti­ple stab wounds, and police, notwith­stand­ing Schwartz’s “cor­rec­tion,” charged him with murder.

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