Freak News for Monday 8/29

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Drive through service – Hurricane Irene is devastating in itself but Imagine how urrican Irene Michelle Brown and her daughter felt as they were watching TV and they heard a huge crash. Her son ran in and delivered the news: “He said, ‘Momma, there’s a truck in the ceiling!’” And indeed there was.  An SUV crashed into the attic of Brown’s Kansas City home! When police arrived, there were three people still inside the SUV, who were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.  Police are guessing that the vehicle must have been going so fast that when it veered off the road Brown’s front lawn acted like a ramp, sending the car hurtling through the air.

A Florida man is proving himself to be a real dirtbag –  Eric Gein sent one of his pals to theCleveland home of Anthony Sowell, who killed at least 11 women and buried them on his property over the past decade. His friend then scooped up as much earth as he could carry, and he and Gein divvied it up into small bags which they’re now selling for 25 bucks a pop. In the understatement of the week, Gein said, “We live in a sick world.”

No respect for this robber – Police say a would-be robber allegedly walked into Eastern Bank inSouth Bostonand gave the teller a note that said: “Give me all your money.”  The teller refused and said the window was closed.  Then he moved over to the next teller and they scolded him for budging!  The second teller and a customer in line told the man he had to take off his hoodie and wait his turn in line.  The suspect refused to take off the sweatshirt and left the bank.

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