Freak News for Monday 9/26


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Prob­a­bly should have men­tioned where he was going - Amos Wayne Richards, 64, is now recu­per­at­ing at home. But things looked scary ear­lier this month when he fell 10 feet and snapped an ankle while hik­ing at Lit­tle Blue John Canyon.  Richards also dis­lo­cated his shoul­der, but worked it “back in place” and dragged him­self nearly 5 miles using a GPS device. With only two pro­tein bars and no cell phone ser­vice, Richards endured chilly nights and filled his bot­tles with rain­wa­ter. Rangers found his empty camp­site and went look­ing for him in a heli­copter; Richards even­tu­ally sig­naled them with his cam­era flash. It could have been worse, rangers say, because Richards went hik­ing with­out telling anyone.

When your stom­ach talks - Macon police found 22-year-old Gene Cor­nett and a stolen cab in a Wendy’s park­ing lot. He explained that he really wanted a Wendy’s cheese­burger but didn’t want to walk.  Cor­nett said he found the cab with the keys inside at a vacant lot by his home. Cor­nett was charged with theft by taking.

Not a chance - Edward McNeil, was attempt­ing to reg­is­ter his vehi­cle when his girl­friend started harass­ing an office worker when she yelled, “give me your shirt!  I need your shirt!” The office worker said, “You could see that they were ripped.” The two were soon approached by a deputy told the cou­ple it prob­a­bly wasn’t a good idea for them to drive, to which McNeil replied he would take his chances. Well, his chances weren’t very good because imme­di­ately after they drove away, another deputy pulled McNeil over. A blood alco­hol level test reg­is­tered 0.08.

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