Freak News for Thrusday 11/10

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Busted bust­ing some moves - A shoplifter in New Jer­sey, Anthony DiVi­etro can be seen bust­ing a move in a K-Mart aisle while stuff­ing T-shirts and other small items into the waist­band of his jeans. He drew enough atten­tion that an employee approached him, but DiVi­etro man­aged to flee the scene — only to be nabbed by a deputy who was among the 70,000 view­ers who saw him on YouTube.

 What’s in a name — A teenager in Glas­ton­bury, Eng­land, hopes that there’s some­thing super in the one he just chose for him­self — Cap­tain Fan­tas­tic Faster Than Super­man Spi­der­man Bat­man Wolver­ine Hulk And The Flash Com­bined. The Cap­tain, also known as George Gar­ratt, says he believes his new tag is the longest in the world — and it only cost him 20 bucks from an online name-changing ser­vice. This might make him proud, but it didn’t do any­thing for his fam­ily mem­bers, who are no longer speak­ing to him.

Next time, wear a belt - Police in Wash­ing­ton State allege a 43-year-oldEverett man, whose name was not released, ripped a bag from the shoul­der of a woman who was walk­ing with her two chil­dren. Well, as you know karma has a mys­te­ri­ous way of work­ing and as the man tried to run away his pants fell down and he tripped and fell ass over teacup! The woman reclaimed her bag and the man was arrested while attempt­ing to catch a taxi cab and regain some humil­ity. Police said the man told the offi­cer he was just “mon­key­ing around.” Mon­key­ing around doesn’t come cheap and he was arrested on sus­pi­cion of second-degree rob­bery and jailed in lieu of $50,000 bail.

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