Freak News for Thursday 10/13


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Awww shucks, we’re lost – Police say a Mass. family got lost just as night was falling in a seven-acre corn maze at a farm in Danvers.  The panicked mother freaked out as night began to descend and she dialed 911 thinking they wouldn’t make it out before the maze closed for the night.  She was with her husband and their two children and they were only about 25 feet away from the end of the maze.  What a fun surprise for the owner who was unaware anyone was lost in the maze until police showed up on the scene.

Crisper than the Average Bear – Montana man Edward Garcia stuck his hunting knife into the carcass of a dead bear which had been dead for some time — and got hit with enough of a jolt to cause injuries to his torso, face and hands.  Turns off the bear had fallen on some live electric wires. No word on whether or not medium rare bear steaks are being served up in the meantime.

Chicken scratch that- Police in Delaware said they arrested a man who should have been a Dr. instead of a bank robber because his attempted bank robbery was foiled when a teller was unable to read his handwriting and asked him to fill out another slip. The suspect fled the bank empty-handed but was found and charged with attempted robbery second degree and jailed in lieu of $2,000 bond.

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