Freak News for Thursday 10/20

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Lions & Tigers & OH CRAP!  – It was hunting season yesterday in Zanesville,Ohio after the owner of an exotic animal park let loose 56 wild animals! Terry Thompson, the owner of the Muskingum County Animal Farm, shot himself to death right after he let the animals loose in what some speculate may have been a final act of defiance against his neighbors and police. In the name of public safety, sheriff’s deputies shot and killed 48 of the animals. 

Arm yourself! –  Texas man was in the process of selling a frozen armadillo to a woman when the pair broke into a heated argument over the price.  She planned to have the armored creature for dinner, but balked when his asking price soared past value-menu levels.  Angered that the negotiations were going nowhere, the man threw the armadilloat the woman, bruising her in the chest and leg.

REALLY doped up – A pair of North Carolina men flagged down a cop car to complain that he’d let an acquaintance into his home, only to have the other man pull a gun and steal $1100 in cash oh and a sizeable quantity of pot and cocaine. The deputies took the report and promised to investigate, though we’re not betting they’ll return the narcotics if they’re recovered.

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