Freak News for Thursday 10/6

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What a boob –  Implants are not just for big tatas anymore!  Hefty silicone breast implants saved a Russian woman’s life after she was stabbed by her husband. Her large, “size 4” implants—obtained at the request of her hubby—stopped the knife from entering her heart, doctors told Pravda.Moscow surgeons repaired the wound.

I’ll be back in a minute – A Tennessee man on trial for robbery took multi-tasking to a whole new level.  Mark Burgin was being tried for a knifepoint mugging when he decided to try his luck one more time, hitting up the convenient store next door on the trials lunchbreak!  He made off with $45,000 worth of bling. Thanks to witnesses and surveillance tape, authorities had the crime solved quickly, but opted not to say anything until the jury in Burgin’s first trial delivered a guilty verdict — at which point, he was arrested again.

 Look both ways before robbing – Stephen Daniel approached the counter at the store and demanded the clerk hand over “all the money in the [bleepin’] register.” Although the 20-year-old didn’t display a weapon, the clerk decided to comply — smiling broadly the entire time.  Daniels of course didn’t ask about the clerk’s smirk and when he turned to leave, a lightbulb came on.  There was an officer standing directly behind him and cheerfully slapped on the cuffs.

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