Freak News for Thursday 11/17

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Left dangling – Garden Grovepolice said a woman shopping at the Albertson’s store told a manager she had seen a man’s leg dangling briefly from the ceiling before going back above the tiles. Investigators said the man fell through the ceiling right next to the checkout lanes only moments later.  Police said the man, was allegedly trying to steal copper wiring.

Escape plan…bombed – An Ohio woman’s attempt to evade arrest on shoplifting charges blew up in her face! Molly Martin was busted for stealing nearly $400 from aDayton department store — with her 17-month-old daughter in tow. Security caught her stuffing the items into bags while crouching in a lingerie aisle and called for reinforcements. But when they did, Martin followed suit, texting a pal to call in a bomb threat in an effort to cause a panic!  Cops quickly determined the bomb threat was a hoax, so Martin was not charged, although a police spokesman said it was “a silly mistake, but a very serious offense.” 

 This guy’s nuts –  There are many ways to show people you’re nuts….Stephen James Frolov did just that when he was spotted about 12 feet up in the branches of a filbert tree wearing only a pair of sneakers and shivering because the temperature had dipped to the 30-degree mark. Frolov told investigators that he had been out drinking with his friends the night before and had no idea how he ended up naked in a nut orchard. He was charged with three counts of public indecency.

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