Freak News for Thursday 11/3

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This kid likes his sugar – A 10-year-old in Georgia kid obviously heard some scary stories at school because when his neighbor jokingly said, “I’m gonna steal your candy” because the kid whipped out a pistolThe boy, took out the 9-millimeter and pointed it at the victim, telling her “Oh no, you’re not!”  The weapon turned out to be unloaded, but the kid did have ammunition for it, just in case someone really did try to lay a finger on his Butterfinger. His parents told cops that he’d taken the gun from his grandfather without permission.

Baby?  What baby? –  Emma French has places to go and nothing not even labor was going to stop her!  She says she felt four contractions during her driving test, but was determined not to let the pain stand in the way of getting her permit!  Her water even broke but she said, “‘I didn’t dare tell the examiner in case he made me cancel the test.” I can see the examiner now…”what the hell is on this seat?”

Bad, bad credit – Investigators say a clerk at Walmart inStreetsburo,OH stepped away from the counter to seek help from a supervisor after there were several failed attempts to scan a man’s debit card to pay for a $400 iPad.  That’s when the suspect ran off with it, forgetting something very important.  His name was on the debit card he’d left behind. Police said they used the card to track down the man, who was recorded taking the iPad by the store’s security camera, and he was arrested and charged with theft.

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