Freak News for Thursday 11/3

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This kid likes his sugar - A 10-year-old in Geor­gia kid obvi­ously heard some scary sto­ries at school because when his neigh­bor jok­ingly said, “I’m gonna steal your candy” because the kid whipped out a pis­tolThe boy, took out the 9-millimeter and pointed it at the vic­tim, telling her “Oh no, you’re not!”  The weapon turned out to be unloaded, but the kid did have ammu­ni­tion for it, just in case some­one really did try to lay a fin­ger on his But­terfin­ger. His par­ents told cops that he’d taken the gun from his grand­fa­ther with­out permission.

Baby?  What baby? —  Emma French has places to go and noth­ing not even labor was going to stop her!  She says she felt four con­trac­tions dur­ing her dri­ving test, but was deter­mined not to let the pain stand in the way of get­ting her per­mit!  Her water even broke but she said, “‘I didn’t dare tell the exam­iner in case he made me can­cel the test.” I can see the exam­iner now…”what the hell is on this seat?”

Bad, bad credit - Inves­ti­ga­tors say a clerk at Wal­mart inStreetsburo,OH stepped away from the counter to seek help from a super­vi­sor after there were sev­eral failed attempts to scan a man’s debit card to pay for a $400 iPad.  That’s when the sus­pect ran off with it, for­get­ting some­thing very impor­tant.  His name was on the debit card he’d left behind. Police said they used the card to track down the man, who was recorded tak­ing the iPad by the store’s secu­rity cam­era, and he was arrested and charged with theft.

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