This Script is the Bomb

This script is the bomb! - Cops gave an aspir­ing screen­writer two thumbs-down on his lat­est script — in fact, they said they thought it was a bomb! That’s because the man left the screen­play behind — in a locked brief­case — after try­ing to pitch it to a tal­ent agency and they said no. The bomb squad arrived about 90 min­utes after the man left the area and det­o­nated the brief­case, which con­tained the script and the man’s lap­top. He was detained briefly but not charged.

Inter­view with a vam­pire is alive and well in TX - AGalveston,Texas, man Lyle Mon­roe Bens­ley, 19, was arrested on charges of bur­glary with intent to com­mit assault after forc­ing his way into a woman’s apart­ment Sat­ur­day. Bens­ley groaned and hissed at the woman while bit­ing and hit­ting her in her bed, and then hauled her out of her apart­ment before she freed her­self, police say.  The woman ran to a park­ing lot and jumped into a car being dri­ven by a neigh­bor. Bens­ley banged on the car win­dow briefly before it sped away. Galve­ston Offi­cer Daniel Erick­son told the Hous­ton Chron­i­cle Bens­ley said, “I’m a vam­pire and I’ve been alive for over 500 years,”  “He was beg­ging us to restrain him because he didn’t want to kill us,” Erick­son said. “He said he needed to feed. “Erick­son said Bens­ley did not appear to be under the influ­ence of drugs.

Crack is Whack, even if it’s fake - Police inNorth Car­olina said they arrested a man who allegedly pack­aged rocks of soap to resem­ble crack cocaine. Gas­to­nia police said Vic­tor White, 51, was con­fronted by an offi­cer who saw him leave an open con­tainer of alco­hol on a side­walk and the offi­cer noticed White had also dropped a plas­tic bag filled with white rocks. “Mr. White told me that it was soap and not crack cocaine and that he had thrown it down when he saw me approach­ing, “White was arrested on a charge of pos­ses­sion with intent to sell and deliver a coun­ter­feit con­trolled substance.

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