Freak News for Thursday 9/1

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Hot dog!! – A Juneau, AK resident Brooke Collins She said she discovereda bear crouched down, clutching her weiner dog, Fudge in its paws and biting the back of the dog’s neck.”It had her kind of like when they eat salmon,” “I was freaking out. I was screaming at it. My dog was screaming. I ran up to it … I just punched it right in the snout and it let go.” Collins said her boyfriend then scared the bear away. “I think it was more startled than anything,” she said.Collins, said she is accustomed to bears and knows how to take precautions around them.

Men in tights – Stone Age missiles met medieval weaponry on the streets of San Diego yesterday. A 16-year-old boy and a friend were throwing rocks at passing cars when a passenger in an SUV fired a crossbow bolt at them, hitting the teen in the abdomen. He was rushed to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. No arrests have been made.

The right address but the wrong time – A  New Zealand woman got some good news and some bad news after losing a bag containing her cell phone and a stash of marijuana. The good news? A call to the cell helped her find the weed. The bad news?! A male friend of Patricia Wright’s rang the cell and was told the address to go to in order to pick up the bag, which contained a little more than half an ounce of pot and a pipe. When she pulled up, she found that she was at the police station.

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