Freak News for Thursday 9/15

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A Twoothfer – Francisco Rojas’s wife called 911 after he knocked back a few cold ones and ambled into his garage.  When police arrived, Rojas was holding a pair of pliers and shouting obscenities at random. There was vomit on the floor from his tooth extraction attempts. He was arrested on charges of disturbing the peace because his outburss “affected the public decency as well as the peace and quiet of the children playing in the neighborhood.”

Giving you the finger…nail? – Christina Walton has been working on her fingernails for 18 years. Guinness World Records named Walton the woman with the longest fingernails yesterday, introducing “The Dutchess” and her nails at an event in New York City.
Walton’s nails measure 10-feet-2-inches on her left hand and 9-feet-7-inches on her right hand. She said she does her own nails
and makeup and does household chores even though her nails twist and turn. The previous record holder for longest nails was Lee Redmond ofSalt Lake City, her nails measured a total 28 feet in 2008 but she lost her nails in a car crash the following year.

At least there was no worry of it biting him in the ass – Is it possible to commit animal cruelty when the animal in question is already dead? A British man raised that question when A policeman spotted Victor Ford squatting with his jeans around his knees, doing the unmentionable on a dead hedgehog!!  The officer asked why he committed the bizarre act, Ford simply said, “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.” Speaking in court, Ford’s lawyer said, “He doesn’t have any recollection of events on that day due to the amount he had been drinking.”

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