Freak News for Thursday 9/15

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A Twooth­fer — Fran­cisco Rojas’s wife called 911 after he knocked back a few cold ones and ambled into his garage.  When police arrived, Rojas was hold­ing a pair of pli­ers and shout­ing obscen­i­ties at ran­dom. There was vomit on the floor from his tooth extrac­tion attempts. He was arrested on charges of dis­turb­ing the peace because his out­burss “affected the pub­lic decency as well as the peace and quiet of the chil­dren play­ing in the neighborhood.”

Giv­ing you the finger…nail? - Christina Wal­ton has been work­ing on her fin­ger­nails for 18 years. Guin­ness World Records named Wal­ton the woman with the longest fin­ger­nails yes­ter­day, intro­duc­ing “The Dutchess” and her nails at an event in New York City.
Walton’s nails mea­sure 10-feet-2-inches on her left hand and 9-feet-7-inches on her right hand. She said she does her own nails
and makeup and does house­hold chores even though her nails twist and turn. The pre­vi­ous record holder for longest nails was Lee Red­mond ofSalt Lake City, her nails mea­sured a total 28 feet in 2008 but she lost her nails in a car crash the fol­low­ing year.

At least there was no worry of it bit­ing him in the ass - Is it pos­si­ble to com­mit ani­mal cru­elty when the ani­mal in ques­tion is already dead? A British man raised that ques­tion when A police­man spot­ted Vic­tor Ford squat­ting with his jeans around his knees, doing the unmen­tion­able on a dead hedge­hog!!  The offi­cer asked why he com­mit­ted the bizarre act, Ford sim­ply said, “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.” Speak­ing in court, Ford’s lawyer said, “He doesn’t have any rec­ol­lec­tion of events on that day due to the amount he had been drinking.”

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