Freak News for Thursday 9/22

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Mystery Man – He says he’s been living in the forest for years, his parents are gone, and he doesn’t know where he came from. Identified only as “Ray,” a teenage boy arrived in Berlin’s City Hall two weeks ago and remains a mystery to police. On arrival, the boy, who spoke fluent English but little German, held a backpack and sleeping bag. “He didn’t look like at all like a vagrant,” said an English-speaking worker who met with him. “His clothes were clean but he simply didn’t know anything about who he was.”All he knew was his first name and his age—17. “He said he needed help, that he didn’t know where to go and had no one in the world to look after him,” the official said. The boy reported that he’d been traveling with his father for “as long as he could remember”; the father had recently passed away and the boy had buried him and set off forBerlin. His mother, he said, died in a car crash when he was young. The worker sent him to a youth shelter. Now, police are calling on Interpol to help discover Ray’s history.

 Apparently, nothing is sacred – The driver of a hearse left the vehicle running and the door open when he went inside the funeral home. That’s when 23-year-old Angela Jeanette Dehart jumped in and drove off. She abandoned the vehicle on a street near her home and walked the rest of the way. Police returned the hearse (and its contents) to the funeral home within 4 hours of the incident. Dehart confessed and said she took the vehicle because she was unfamiliar with the area. She faces charges of grand larceny and displacement of a dead body.

Show and (oops) tell – Students had been told to bring in family photos and family items to share with the class at a grade school inMissouri. When it was his turn, the 5-year-old opened his backpack and pulled out a crack pipe and a baggie of crack rocks. The child’s mother was charged with possession of a controlled substance and one count of first-degree child endangerment. The boy is now being cared for by family members.

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