Freak News for Tuesday 10/4

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Using the word as a weapon – A Florida woman gave a whole new meaning to Bible Belt last week by assaulting her son’s girlfriend with a copy of the good book!  The younger woman told deputies she had been arguing with her boyfriend’s mother when the woman picked up a Bible and threw it at her, hitting her in the eye and opening up a good-sized gash. The woman insists she accidentally hit the younger gal when she swung the book in an effort to make her “get out of her face” with a camera phone. The son, ignored that whole “honor thy mother” thing, said he saw his mom toss a Bible from 10- to-15 feet away, striking his gal pal in the face.

They made it look big – A Dutch man raised suspicions of fellow passengers in an airport because he appeared unusually fidgety, prompting a search that revealed not ants in his pants but humming birds!!  There were more than a dozen individually wrapped LIVE birds in cloth pouches in his trousers. The man, who has a prior record of animal smuggling, was arrested.

Losing before it begins – An Indiana teenager, Zachary Keilman showed up at the station in Lowell, Indiana and announced that he was pretty sure there was a warrant out for his arrest. He came to this conclusion because he’d just escaped from a deputy’s car after being detained for underage drinking — and had a friend cut through the cuffs to make his getaway a little easier. His perfect crime was marred by one small problem, though: He left his identification in the back seat of the police cruiser.

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