Freak News for Tuesday 11/15

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Beer 30 to life – Police in Derbyshire sent out several dozen letters purportedly from a marketing company.  This can’t be good…. The suspects were invited to call a marketing company to arrange for some free beer.  What they did not realize was that the number was for a line in the police station inChesterfield. Officers who answered the calls made arrangements for pickup of the beer — but it was the callers who were picked up instead. Police said those targeted by the operation are charged with serious crimes, including burglary, robbery and sexual assault, and had managed to evade arrest for weeks.

The loons on the bus go round & round – Florida woman Marsia Emanuel was being sought after an incident in which she boarded a school bus and began ranting at the driver before striking her several times. The driver recognized the 37-year-old because one of her children regularly rides the same bus. The driver phoned the police & when they arrived to question her on the assault charges she dropping her undies and mooned them.   Emanuel was booked on a smorgasbord of charges, including battery, school disruption and indecent exposure.

The ghost of Christmas stoned – Ohio man Terry Trent wanted to get into the Christmas spirit after smoking a doobie and broke into a Dayton-area home, rooted out the family’s Christmas decorations and put them up around the livingroom, then parked himself on the couch to watch some television.  An 11-year-old boy was the first to discover him there, and he called his mom, who was visiting neighbors. Cops arrived soon after and arrested Trent, who even apologized to the boy, saying, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll get my things and go.”

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