Freak News for Tuesday 11/29

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Always eat your greens — Offi­cer Andrey Zacharov took a kick­back of about $500 from a motorist who wanted his sus­pended license returned, but he was con­fronted almost imme­di­ately by a super­vi­sor who got wind of what he was cook­ing up — so he tried to dis­pose of the dough by eat­ing it.  Not only did Zacharov have his wages gar­nished — he was hit with a $19,000 fine and kicked off the force. Prob­a­bly had a mas­sive tummy ache too!

A not so happy meal — 21-year-old Whit­ley Tes­low took the time to make him­self 2 burg­ers, a batch of fries and grab a soda at a McDonalds…after hours. Then he left through the drive through win­dow. It was caught on sur­veil­lance tape and the restau­rant man­ager sent the footage to a local tele­vi­sion sta­tion, which aired it that night — prompt­ing Tes­low to turn him­self in.

Red­neck roundup - Police inFlorida arrested Mark Thomas Wach, 43, ofPalm City,FL.  Inves­ti­ga­tors said Wach’s 18-year-old son told deputies he con­fronted his father about 45 min­utes before deputies arrived because the older man was intox­i­cated and shoot­ing his pis­tol at the son’s lawn mower. The son said he took the hand­gun from his dad, who then left but came back a short time later with a shot­gun! The two men fought until a pass­ing deputy noticed the alter­ca­tion and Wach allegedly refused to com­ply with the deputy’s demands that he stop fight­ing and he was shocked three times with a stun gun before being taken into cus­tody. Deputies said Wach did not under­stand why he was being arrested. He stated “that he shoots in the yard all the time and that fight­ing is what red­neck peo­ple do.”

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