Freak News for Tuesday 11/8

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Good dog/bad owner - Cops in Utah say a crook’s vic­tim con­fronted him because he saw him car­ry­ing items that had been swiped from his car — but the alleged thief pulled a gun stop­ping the victem in his tracks.  When cops were called in, the bad guy fled, but left his accom­plice behind.  His dog which was wear­ing tags inform­ing the offi­cers of his address.

Edi­ble evi­dence - Rashawn Mal­lory and Ernest Bar­nett jumped out of an SUV and accosted a boy as he was walk­ing home from a deli.  They searched him and decided the only thing of value was his sub­ma­rine sand­wich, so they snatched it and drove off — not notic­ing that he had a cell phone, which he used to call cops.  When police caught up with the two men, they found the sand­wich, still wrapped, on the front seat of the vehi­cle and charged them with rob­bery and assault.

Hal­loween cos­tume is man’s des­tiny - Police were sum­moned to inves­ti­gate a pos­si­ble aban­doned vehi­cle in front of an apart­ment late Hal­loween night. Upon see­ing police arrive, Anthony James “Jinx” Law, began run­ning, caus­ing offi­cers to give chase. They scuf­fled with him and used a stun gun and pep­per spray in their efforts to sub­due him. His friend, Gre­gory Moon, who hap­pened to be wear­ing a black-and-white Hal­loween jail cos­tume allegedly began yelling obscen­i­ties at the arrest­ing offi­cers.  After police arrested Moon, they deter­mined the vehi­cle they ini­tially came to inves­ti­gate belonged to Moon. They also dis­cov­ered a pis­tol on the front pas­sen­ger seat, which had been stolen.  The two men, who have a his­tory of gang tie and vio­lent crime, were remanded to the­Wash­ing­ton­Coun­ty­jail on $250,000 bond and given reg­u­la­tion jail jumpsuits.

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