Freak News for Tuesday 12/6

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The beer that eats like a meal - Alaska man Clifton Vial set out to see where an unfa­mil­iar road near his home would take him, but after dri­ving 40 miles, he found he was lost, stuck and out of range of a cell phone sig­nal. The tem­per­a­tures dropped to 17 below zero, and Vial had noth­ing to eat except the beer — which he said he ate “like cans of beans” in order to sur­vive. His employ­ers called emer­gency per­son­nel when he didn’t show up for work for two straight days, and he was res­cued shortly there­after, colder but wiser.

 Not so lucky lady - A Florida man faces theft charges after allegedly try­ing to walk out of a store with the mak­ings for a can­dle­light din­ner stuffed down his pants. Gee, who’s the lucky girl?  Dan­nial Ash­ley tried to run off sans his loot, but was chased down by the gro­cers, deputies told the Naples (Fla.) Daily News.  Ash­ley was later released on bail pend­ing fur­ther proceedings.

A stinky sit­u­a­tion - Cesar Sanchez, 37, who is serv­ing a seven-year sen­tence for bur­glary, got out of a mov­ing trans­port van near Lock­port, Ill., Fri­day and was believed to have hitched a ride on the back of a deliv­ery truck. After police dogs picked up his scent in a stor­age lot for portable toi­lets, police using infrared tech­nol­ogy in a heli­copter estab­lished he was hid­ing in one of the toi­lets, police said.  Ok, you know you stink if a dog can smell you in a lot of porta potties!!

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