Freak News for Tuesday 12/6

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The beer that eats like a meal – Alaska man Clifton Vial set out to see where an unfamiliar road near his home would take him, but after driving 40 miles, he found he was lost, stuck and out of range of a cell phone signal. The temperatures dropped to 17 below zero, and Vial had nothing to eat except the beer — which he said he ate “like cans of beans” in order to survive. His employers called emergency personnel when he didn’t show up for work for two straight days, and he was rescued shortly thereafter, colder but wiser.

 Not so lucky lady – A Florida man faces theft charges after allegedly trying to walk out of a store with the makings for a candlelight dinner stuffed down his pants. Gee, who’s the lucky girl?  Dannial Ashley tried to run off sans his loot, but was chased down by the grocers, deputies told the Naples (Fla.) Daily News.  Ashley was later released on bail pending further proceedings.

A stinky situation – Cesar Sanchez, 37, who is serving a seven-year sentence for burglary, got out of a moving transport van near Lockport, Ill., Friday and was believed to have hitched a ride on the back of a delivery truck. After police dogs picked up his scent in a storage lot for portable toilets, police using infrared technology in a helicopter established he was hiding in one of the toilets, police said.  Ok, you know you stink if a dog can smell you in a lot of porta potties!!

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